Sly Withers | 'Gardens' + Cap Vinyl Repress Bundle (Pre-Order) Release Date: November, 2021 ‘Gardens’ Transparent Kelly Green and Opaque Double Mint Vinyl 'Gardens' Green Corduroy Cap Gardens Tracklist: Cracks Breakfast My Bullshit Taking Steps Bougainvillea Sleep on the Weekends Clarkson Glad Constant Wreck Turns Out Keys Positives
Mallrat | Butterfly Blue (Baby Pink Vinyl – D2C EXCLUSIVE) Butterfly Blue 12" Vinyl (Baby Pink) “On her debut album 'Butterfly Blue', Mallrat’s prized pop song writing embodies the spirit of its titular creature – but without the delicacy that keeps you at a distance. Over a dozen clever and open-hearted...
Sam Fender | Seventeen Going Under (White Marble Vinyl) Release Date: 8 October, 2021 SEVENTEEN GOING UNDER TRACK-LISTING: 1. Seventeen Going Under2. Getting’ Started3. Aye4. Get You Down5. Long Way Off6. Spit Of You7. Last To Make It Home8. The Leveller9. Mantra10. Paradigms11. The Dying Light
Tired Lion | Breakfast For Pathetics (Transparent Red Splatter Vinyl) Track list:1. Diet Sick2. Waterbed3. Lie To Me4. ~Cya Later~5. Don’t Take Me Back6. Breakfast For Pathetics7. Drama Club8. Wookey Hole9. Actuality10. Screw You, Man