Tkay Maidza | Last Year Was Weird Vol.3 (Vinyl) | PREORDER Release Date: 10 December, 2021 Tracklist: Eden Onto Me (with @whoisumi) So Cold Syrup Kim (with @yungbabytate) High Beams Cashmere Breathe    
Sam Fender | Seventeen Going Under (White Marble Vinyl) | PREORDER Release Date: 8 October, 2021 SEVENTEEN GOING UNDER TRACK-LISTING: 1. Seventeen Going Under2. Getting’ Started3. Aye4. Get You Down5. Long Way Off6. Spit Of You7. Last To Make It Home8. The Leveller9. Mantra10. Paradigms11. The Dying Light
Sly Withers | 'Gardens' Pink Vinyl ‘Gardens’ Pink vinyl Edition Tracklist: Cracks Breakfast My Bullshit Taking Steps Bougainvillea Sleep on the Weekends Clarkson Glad Constant Wreck Turns Out Keys Positives
Tyne-James Organ | Deluxe Vinyl Bundle Release Date: 21st May 2021 Tyne-James Organ’s debut album ‘Necessary Evil’ on limited run Baby Pink 12-inch vinyl + exclusive ‘Necessary Evil’ tee & hoodie + Tyne-James Organ enamel pin + rolling papers + A3 poster signed by Tyne-James Organ. Tracklist: Stranger Sunday Suit Overtime Not Ready...