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Overgrown, the new album from Perth indie emo faves Sly Withers, is the highly anticipated follow up to 2021's breakthrough album, Gardens. Featuring the singles 'Passing Through' and 'Radio,' the records 14 songs build upon the legacy they established with such anthemic tracks as 'Clarkson,' 'Lately, and 'Cracks.' Produced by Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane), Overgrown is the band expanding and elevating their sound to a huge new level, while still retaining the core DNA of who Sly Withers are as a band. If Gardens was the subconscious journaling of navigating adulthood and their early 20s, then Overgrown is the self-reflection of what their potential future looks like, for better or worse.



1. Overgrown
2. Liar
3. Make Do
4. Radio
5. Tongue
6. Stoopid
7. Hotel Stuck
8. Put Me Down
9. Don’t Wanna Leave
10. Passing Through
11. Something
12. Old Enough
13. Sundays
14. Last