Tkay Maidza

Tkay Maidza | Last Year Was Weird Vol.3 (Vinyl) | PREORDER Release Date: 10 December, 2021 Tracklist: Eden Onto Me (with @whoisumi) So Cold Syrup Kim (with @yungbabytate) High Beams Cashmere Breathe    
Tkay Maidza | Little T T-Shirt Tkay Maidza 'Little T' t-shirt
Tkay Maidza | Tkay (CD) TKAY on CD. Track list: 1. Always Been2. Afterglow3. Carry On - Killer Mike4. Simulation5. Tennies6. Monochrome7. Follow Me8. Castle In The Sky9. Drumsticks No Guns10. State Of Mind11. House Of Cards12. Supasonic13. You Want14. At Least I Know
Tkay Maidza | Last year Was Weird Vol. 1 (CD) Last Year Was Weird Vol.1 on CD. Track list:1. Big Things2. Flexin' (feat. DUCKWRTH)3. Lullabies4. Growing Up (Intro)5. Growing Up6. White Rose7. Growing My Wings (Interlude)8. Say It"